Forte Defence is led by Marco Forte, a seasoned criminal defence lawyer who is there for you when your back is against the ropes. He provides unpretentious legal services for those looking for an attentive and personalized approach to their criminal cases. What sets him apart from the fold is not only his patience, his expertise, and his impeccable knowledge of the law, but more simply, it is his recognition that his clients deserve dignity.

Marco Forte is a progressive criminal defence lawyer that is well attuned to the various disadvantages that plague individuals caught up in the criminal justice system. While it is true that the law treats all accused as innocent until proven guilty, it’s not surprising for those charged with offences to face unfortunate stigmas. Marco Forte is aware of these challenges in the law, and it is why he is fearless in his use of the Constitution as a shield to protect you from injustice.

The strength of Mr. Forte’s is not limited to his commanding presence in the courtroom, but is also demonstrated by the compelling advocacy he engages in beyond the trial stand. This includes negotiating with police and Crown counsel alike to attain unparalleled outcomes for you. His objective is to help you regain your footing so you can eventually move past this difficult period of your life.

Though you may have been accused of committing a criminal offence, Marco Forte understands how the story is never black and white. Getting arrested and charged with a crime can be a confusing and harrowing experience. An individual alone is often no match against the vast resources of the police and the state. It is therefore important that you have competent criminal defence counsel on your side in order to protect your legal rights to their fullest extent. It is also crucial that he preserves your opportunity to tell an impartial court your side of the story.

Call or meet with me today to discuss your or a loved one’s case. A consultation is always free, and I always strive to provide you with the ability to make an informed choice about who is the right lawyer for you. Whether you are calling me from the anxiety-inducing depths of the police station because you need me to arrange your bail, or you’re meeting me in person in the comforts of my office in Little Italy – you know that you can depend on me.